Maiysha at Grammys

February 10, 2009

So after all my hype Maiysha did not win (the award went to Chrisette Michele).  But she turned plenty of heads with this flashy outfit on the red carpet at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards.

Maiysha proving her fashion prowess at the Grammys

Maiysha proving her fashion prowess at the Grammys

More Maiysha updates here, here, and here.  The third “here” links to her diet.

Maiysha eating regular food cause shes, well, regular

Maiysha eating regular food 'cause she's, well, regular

Maiysha nominated for a Grammy

December 4, 2008

Good news!  Maiysha, who I blogged about several months ago–before her album was released–was just nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Urban/Alternative Performance” category.

Her song “Wanna Be”: is really great.  I highly recommend her album “This Much is True”…and you should know that Majorman seldom recommends entire albums.  The only others that come to mind are, Petersburg, Virginia native, Trey SongzI gotta make it” and anything by the U.S. Army Band.

Link to “Wanna Be” official music video here.

Maiysha’s competition for the award–personally, I think, she is peerless:

Best Urban/Alternative Performance nods go to:

Beautiful Maiysha

Beautiful Maiysha

“Say Goodbye To Love” – Kenna
“Wanna Be” – Maiysha
“Be OK” – Chrisette Michele Featuring
“Many Moons” – Janelle Monae
“Lovin You (Music)” – Wayna Featuring Kokayi

As a Social Media junkie, I suspect Maiysha’s album sales would be higher if she actually followed the people, like me, who follow her on Twitter (As of 4 Dec there are only 63 followers).  Maybe she doesn’t want our feedback?  Maybe she just needs a PR person who understands that in order to be successful on Web 2.0 you need to have a two-way conversation with your audience. More Twitter strategies here. Hmmmm…time will tell.

UPDATE: Not sure if she’s read my blog…but as of this afternoon she follows all of her followers on Twitter! *pats self on back*

UPDATE2: She Direct Messaged me to acknowledge the Twittering tip. Cool!