Ten Things I’ve learned at Georgetown

November 28, 2008

In a few weeks I’ll finish my academic requirements for Georgetown University’s Masters in Public Relations/Corporate Communications.  Georgetown has an applied curriculum (Master of Professional Studies) approach to their program structure.  Essentially, you learn something in class from the professor’s lectures & assigned texts; then you complete projects and writing assignments to actually demonstrate proficiency.   In contrast, other programs focus on theory of communications and fixate on research.

Real Public Relations is not "spin."

Taz didn't go to Georgetown!

So I’m thankful this holiday season for the following things I’ve learned:

1.)  Effective communications brings good ideas to life

2.)  Public Relations practitioners should think of themselves as persuaders (H/T Profs. Mike Long & Don Neal)

3.)  A professional communicator’s personal code of ethics should exceed the standard of their employer

4.)  Facebook is not evil nor is it only for millennials.

5.)  When writing a speech remember that “nobody cares” so make it engaging and appealing to the ear (More tips here)

6.)  Your classmates are a key part of your network (H/T Ashley Duque Kienzle)

7.)  Social Media is so important to communicators that it can impact the outcome of presidential elections

8.)  Nonprofits can benefit from skill-based volunteerism by communications professionals..Social Impact Communications (H/T Denise Keyes, Jen Gilman, Joy Bates Boyle)

9.)  The most successful PR Professionals seem to have worked their way up the ladder in a variety of roles in a variety of cities (advertising, public affairs, branding, press secretary; nonprofit, agency, government)

10.)  Achieving at Georgetown is similar to anything else in life.  A positive attitude, strong teamwork, and good mentors are required.

I suppose this list is sorta boring.  I guess that’s to be expected since I’m blogging on a Friday night during a holiday weekend. *shrugs shoulders*

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about Georgetown’s program.  I think it was well worth it.

Twitter jitters

October 28, 2008

An Army Intelligence report posted on WIRED Magazine’s defense blog recently identified Microblogging website Twitter this way:

“Twitter has also become a social activism tool for socialists, human rights groups, communists, vegetarians, anarchists, religious communities, atheists, political enthusiasts, hacktivists and others to communicate with each other and to send messages to broader audiences,” the report said.

Hacktivists refers to politically motivated computer hackers.

“Twitter is already used by some members to post and/or support extremist ideologies and perspectives,” the report said. (Source:  Brietbart.com)

Now, I’ve not read the full report, but this is absolutely ridiculous.  Perhaps the authors of the report are not aware that The President of the United States uses Twitter to communicate messages.  Or even closer to home the Army’s Soldier’s Media Center uses Twitter too!  How scary. *teeth chattering*

I’m no expert on terrorists threats, however, it seems that Twitter would not be a really good method to communicating.  A better site for the stuff the Army report talks about is Pownce or maybe Plurk. Though I suspect they could use walkie-talkies, cellphones, or horn honks too.  Hopefully, someday soon the Army will have a much better understanding and integration of Web 2.0.  There is positive news here and here.

A discussion with lots of comments on this subject hereFunny twitter cartoon here.