About Majorman

Majorman is blogging as part of the Social Media course he is taking under the tutelage of Garrett Graff in Georgetown University’s Masters in Public Relations Program.

Majorman serves as a Public Affairs Officer in the United States Army.  He is an Iraq War Veteran who calls historic Petersburg, Virginia home.

Views expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect the United States Army and U.S. Government.

8 Responses to About Majorman

  1. Myles says:


    As I read your thoughts on Barack Obama, I am reminded of a favorite quote from Dr. King…… It will surely matter in the days to come for Barack.

    The Hard Choices: “Cowardice asks the questions, “Is it safe?”. Expediency asks the question, “Is it popular?” But conscience asks the question, “Is it right?”. And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe,nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    American clergyman and civil rights leader (1929-1968)

    I like your weblog. And I’m happy to be a part of this conversation.
    All the best in your class…..mom

  2. Myles,

    I was pleased to recieve your email as being a part of the distribution from our OBC class. Your blog site caught my interest. It is very cool and may be something that I should look into. Your topics are interesting and reminds me of some of our dinner conversation at the DFAC while at OBC. I also recall your “Asassins” web page as well.

    I am serving as an AGR Soldier in the Army Reserve after some years in the National Guard and several jobs in the private sector. Like you, I too was a Company Commander in Iraq (Al Anbar 06-07).

    I left you my hotmail address, but please keep in mind that I hardly ever check it since I am always on email at work. My family of my wife Debbie, son Max, and daughter Taylor keep me busy.

    You continue to do great things. Keep up the good work. I will try to view your blog and drop you an email on occasion.

    Your friend,

    Jim Mulvehill

  3. Dwayne Bolden says:

    I am glad to see you are doing well.

    Stay Motivated

  4. Permanent.Rose says:

    Well written. I’m proud. I really hope to see you in the White House.


  5. household 6 hooah says:

    MajorMan — May I add you to my blog roll?

  6. Tim Frisby says:


    I will be interviewing later this month for the DOD PAO Internship Program. If selected the program consists of 12 months training at a military installation followed by attendance at the PAO Course at Ft. Meade and finally a three month rotation at DOD PAO at the Pentagon. Do you have any advice for me? Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.

    Ranger’s Lead The Way,

    Tim Frisby

    • majorman says:

      Thanks for the question. I see you’re a former Soldier.
      Quick advice:
      -Keep in mind that your are the voice of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who stand on-point and do great things to defend our country. Seriously, most “Joe’s” don’t really know what public affairs does and aren’t seeking attention. Our role as PAOs is to bring attention to these humble selfless servants.
      -Be innovative. Most stories about the military have been told before. You should try to tell them in new ways, through different media, and engaging expanded audiences.
      -Include hometowns as often as you can in every story you write
      -Get registered at DVIDSHub This is similar to the “AP” for military. Lots of photos, stories, videos, etc…
      -Joining Toastmasters may improve your public speaking skills.
      -Learn what a lead, bridge, and “inverted pyramid” are.
      -Learn the difference between “active” and “passive” voice
      -As your public affairs training progresses, seek mentors, and figure out what you like best about the profession (writing, video, marketing, message development, community relations, etc…)

      Hope your interview goes well.

  7. johnebarker1 says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I attended DINFOS when it was at Ft. Ben Harrison, IND as an enlisted soldier. I attended IPC and Editor’s Course as well as the Army’s Advanced Photojournalism Course. I work for the Census in Public Affairs currently. Do you think there is any way I could attend the Public Affairs Course?

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