PR Factchecking

September 7, 2008

I found this video interesting.  Factchecking is important in all aspects of Public Relations.  What was apparently intended to be an image of Walter Reed Medical Center turns out to be an image of Walter Reed Middle School…an oops seen by a record audience of 39 million people.  Though I’m sure it was only noticed by a few.

Link to follow up on this posting here.  The original post from Talking Points Memo here.

PR Spin here (campaign strategist blames the ad guy).  Failure to properly execute Integrated Marketing Communications can result in crisis communications moments.

Obama stage design evokes American history

August 28, 2008
MLK speaking in front of arrogant? *snark*

MLK speaking in front of arrogant? *snark*

Tonight is Obama’s big acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver.  Video of stage and interview with David Plouffe here.

The naysayers are out in full force chastising his set design. Criticism here, here, and here…one more here.

To me, it is a brilliant move and clear symbolism to evoke memories of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. The imagery communicates a message that the majority of Americans reflect on positively.

MLK delivers I have a dream speech in front of columns

MLK delivers "I have a dream speech" in front of columns

I look forward to the speech.

What’s wrong with trying to replicate images that all American’s hold dear like that of the Lincoln Memorial?  Am I the only one this makes sense too?  Perhaps, it’s just that every move Sen. Obama makes is criticized because it’s new?  Because it goes against conventional wisdom?  Recent history will indicate the Obama team has set new lessons for all leaders–particularly in coalition building, use of new media, and branding.

Happy 45th Anniversary of the “I have a dream speech“!!!  Hopefully Rita & Kevin (I don’t know them) get good seats.  Here is a  photo of them inside the stadium last night.