11 impacts of the 2010 mid-term elections

November 8, 2010

Just my hunches…No particular sequence…impacts of many of these will take effect years from now…

1.)  The dominance of the GOP in state legislature elections will have a significant impact on redrawing congressional districts based on the 2010 Census.  Expect less southern democrats as a result.  Gerrymander will become a household word.

“In gerrymandered election districts, the voters don’t choose their politicians – the politicians choose their voters!”

2.)  When democrats re-take the house, whenever that occurs, there will be an unprecedented number of CBC members as committee chairs.

3.)  The 2010 re-election map for President Obama will focus on the Western State Strategy plus Pennsylvania/Virginia/North Carolina.  The groundwork for this was laid with the 2008 DNC Convention in Denver.  The fight for 270 will rely less and less on the tired narratives of Ohio and Florida.

4.)  Perhaps Stephanie Cutter or Karen Finney will become WH Press Secy.???

5.)  The U.S. will take a more isolationist approach to foreign policy.  Wars and foreign aid cost lots of money.  Tougher to justify during economic hardship in the U.S.  Also, xenophobic rancor seems to be more acceptable than ever.

6.)  Entitlements reform will result in raising the Social Security Age.  Though this probably won’t take effect until 2030.

7.)  There will be more incentives for nuclear power plants; however, less federal incentives for consumer purchase of hybrids and electric cars.

8.)  Political parvenus will continue to dominate the media.  The media will continue to fixate on two of the eight elements of news: conflict & oddity.

9.)  All types of federal appointments will continue to be blocked.

10.)  Spanish-speaking media will become more and more important for federal elections.

11.)  Despite the nearly 14,000 murders annually of Americans by other mostly Christian, English speaking Americans, none of the leaders in Washington will make domestic crime prevention a major priority.  Not to mention the 20,000 plus killed by drunk drivers.  Sad.

***Like everything else on this blog…these views expressed are my own and not necessarily the positions of the DOD or Army…thanks for reading***

White House Social Aides

December 16, 2008

C-SPAN is showing White House Week (14-20 Dec). Tonight there is an interview with Alan Merten, a former White House Military Social Aide during the Johnson Administration (’65-’66).

It’s quite interesting.

Definition from White House Web site (Dec 2008):

“White House Military Social Aides serve as an extension of the President and Mrs. Bush in their roles as official host and hostess of the United States. They help to ensure guests have an enjoyable experience at the White House by assisting with introductions to the President and Mrs. Bush during receiving lines, the guests’ seating, and the overall flow of events. The program averages 40 Social Aides from all five military services.”

Tom McGinnis (father), Romayne McGinnis (mother), Bush, and a military aide holding the medal.

President Obama and Michelle Obama enter the East Room as White House Social Aides form a cordon.

Here are a few articles about White House Social Aides. HereHere and Here.  Photos here and here.

And one former aide wrote a book about his experiences.

Incoming White House Social Secretary

November 24, 2008

In the news today…Ms. Desiree Rogers was announced as Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary.  The Social Secretary position is a big deal because she will be at the table when all invites are made for social events for the President and First Lady.

Desiree Rogers

Desiree Rogers

Additionally, she and her small staff are responsible for the efficient execution of all social events and ceremonies at the White House.  This is arguably the most premier protocol position in government.  Ms. Rogers will deal with dignitaries of all types (Heads of state, elected officials, celebrities, military, children–Easter Egg Roll & T-Ball game) and other honorees and visitors to the “people’s house.”

(L-R) Desiree Rogers, Valerie Jarrett, Future Senior Policy Advisor; and Ebony/Jet mogul Linda Johnson-Rice

(L-R) Desiree Rogers, Valerie Jarrett, Future Senior Policy Advisor; and Ebony/Jet mogul Linda Johnson-Rice

Congrats to Ms. Rogers.  Her job will be super tough with all the people bucking to get into the White House during the future Obama administration.  More on the announcement here, here, and Black Socialite blog here.

I think it’s also neat that her last position was as President of Social Networking for Allstate Financial.

I look forward to working with Ms. Johnson in the White House as a Military Social Aide.

UPDATE:  More background from her days in New Orleans.