WE THE MEDIA: Citizen Journalist photographs black squirrel in Georgetown

June 9, 2008

Black squirrel checks out the bike rack at the Georgetown library.We the Media by Dan Gillmore discusses how citizen journalist and bloggers are reducing the stranglehold corporate media has on how information is distributed in America.

Frugal people like me keep their cell phones far past the devices life-expectancy.  Then one day they just don’t work anymore.  Next we’re forced, by necessity, to upgrade to a new version–with new bells & whistles.  Frequently the new phone incorporates a camera and the ability to access the Internet.

One evening during the fall semester, I saw a black squirrel while walking to class.  I was near the intersection of 33rd and Prospect.  The squirrel darted out from behind a fence and stared at me.  Just as I unsheathed my Palm Centro phone, the camera-shy creature ran back behind the fence.

I told my story to a few classmates who’d never seen a black squirrel.  My tale of the black bushy-tailed rodent fell on deaf ears.  But, today, with this blog post, I’m vindicated.  Why?  Because, I’m a citizen journalist!  I also find it a bit odd that corporate media hasn’t reported on these creatures in over three years…hmmm…  He’s my first report…

(Washington, DC)  In a city normally known for it’s cuddly Panda bears at the national zoo, Georgetown residents have a rare creature of their own.  A common rodent with uncommon coloring:  the black squirrel.

While walking to the Georgetown University library, Majorman, a graduate student, spied the swarthy acorn eater near a bike rack.  Acting swiftly he approached the elusive beast and snapped a photo.

When asked for comment, Majorman says, “This was one of the most interesting sightings of my life.  It ranks right up there with the checkered patterned Praying Mantis I caught in Iraq.”  He added, “Unlike the Mantis capture, this time I had my camera.”

If you’ve seen any strange animals in your neighborhood or are a citizen journalist, please leave a comment.