Twenty-three things I’ve learned in my 30s

June 22, 2012

1.) Despite the staggering statistics, opinion leaders and national media will not place the dropout crisis or murder rate high on their agenda. Better to spend money on education than jails, I say.

2.)  At times, silence can resonate louder than words.

3.)  Mentors really, really matter.

4.)  Love is powerful.

5.)  The music I enjoyed in my teens, I still enjoy today. And now I even enjoy music from my parents era.

6.)  Not everybody likes to see people, especially peers, become successful.

7.)  Healthy diet, hydration, and adequate rest are important to reducing stress and boosting mental acuity.

8.) Whoever said, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” probably just hasn’t lived long enough.  Harsh words from loved ones can leave deep scars.  But, alas, the old adage, “Time heals all wounds” is still true.  Or is it?

9.) Good photographers are born that way. They can just anticipate action and see the shot. But, everyone can take good photos if they simply learn how to use their camera settings and understand the basic principles of photography.

10.) Thank you cards mean a lot.

11.) Parents mean well but you can’t always live out their every dream.

12.) Skill-based volunteering is a great use of time and is invaluable to non-profits and young people.

13.) There is good in some of life’s most challenging situations. It might just take a while to see it.

14.) Senior leaders are typically avid readers.

15.) People across the world have much, much more in common than differences.

16.) The New Testament has great guidance for how to live and treat others.

17.) Quiet time is good for self-reflection.

18.) Be wary of people who always want to take shortcuts in life.

19.) Everything I’d want to watch on TV, I can see with basic cable.

20.) True beauty comes from within and radiates outwards.

21.) Bureaucracy can stifle innovation.

22.) Military officer talent must be cultivated and managed.

23.) The NCAA’s BCS championship needs to be scrapped. Also, athletes should get  a small stipend.

I could go on…but I’ll stop now.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and not necessarily those of the Army or Defense Department.