North of the Border

After a harrowing landing in 40mph winds at the El Paso Int’l Airport, I’m here.  Fort Bliss.  Kudos to the crew of American Airlines Flight #555.

Lovely location.  Nestled in the shadow of North Franklin Peak, the weather is lovely in the spring.

North Franklin Peak viewed from Ft. Bliss lodging

North Franklin Peak viewed from Ft. Bliss lodging

Real Estate here is dirt cheap.  A dollar goes a long way.  Gas, today, was $1.96 for regular.

El Paso is a long way from Washington, D.C. (1,965 miles according to Google maps).  But I find it interesting that many of the streets that run East-West are named after presidents.

Here is a handy reference list for newcomers to Fort Bliss.  The post’s wikipedia entry is here.

I’m staying in the post’s hotel.  Free Internet, swimming pool, and continental breakfast until 9:30am.  It’s conveniently located withing walking distance of the MWR ticket office and Hertz rental car.  The base PX and Commissary are nearby too.

In-processing for officers is efficient.  You will need a car or someone to drive you around.  But many of the functions are in/around Building 505.  Be sure to have addresses of family to update SGLI and registration info to register a POV or personal weapon.

No worries…I won’t be making any forays into Juarez, Mexico.  Hope they’re safe from drug gangs South of the Border.


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  1. Sounds like you are making a good transition Myles.

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