Going back to Iraq

Soon, I’ll be headed off for another tour of duty in Iraq this spring.  The process of deploying is unique.  But in many ways it’s like going on a long vacation–expect you take extra steps to prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Here are some references for servicemembers who are facing the prospect of lengthy deployment.  They are also somewhat useful for civilians who are going to study abroad or work in a foreign country:

Military.com’s Guide to Deployment

USAA’s informative guide to deployment (.pdf)…linked from the official DOD Web site

A variety of publications from AUSA can be ordered in limited quantities.

Soldiers going through predeployment processing at Fort Hood, Tex

Soldiers going through predeployment processing at Fort Hood, Tex

While I’m in Iraq I will keep this blog going.  In fact, I intend to post more frequently.  I’m making an assessment of the ability to use commercial applications/sites in the MND-C area (Southern Iraq).  I might get an iPhone or something I can use overseas to post and upload pictures.

My role in the Brigade Combat Team is to maximize the information the public receives about our missions.  But the majorman blog will be focused on my personal insights and experiences.

Here are some thoughts and analysis on the drawdown of the Iraq mission:

Larry Korb:  The Promised Withdrawal from Iraq (Video here)

Center for American Progress:  How to Redeploy (Aug. 2008) This report details a hypothetical flow of troops in a less this 18 month window.

If there are topic you’d like me to address specifically in this blog or questions you have post in the comments section or drop me a line major_man4 [at] yaho o

3 Responses to Going back to Iraq

  1. retiredarmy3474 says:

    I know the feeling….been there done that…although I wish I was going back to finish the fight, I cant. Im finishing up my stint at the FT Hood WTU and within the next few wks ill be medically retired and then thats it for me. Watch your back, take care of the soldiers around you,and they will take care of you by ensuring that you come home to your family. Trust me, Im living proof.

  2. household 6 hooah says:

    Sorry you are making another trip to the sandbox! I’m looking forward to reading your blog while you are away.

  3. Gelly says:

    I’m looking forward to your updates and tweets from *over there*. As always, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. At least this time you will be *over there* in more of a PAO capacity. Stretch the limits, they are infinite!!!

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