A thought about love

Hey, if you’re reading this.  Do a loved one a favor and tell them you love them.  Don’t delay.

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Reach out to a mentee or mentor and let them know how you’re doing.  (Army’s Mentorship model)

I once heard someone say:  “Don’t wait until I’m dead to give me flowers.”

Song:  “These Three Words” by Stevie Wonder.  Watch & Listen here.

Scripture:  I Corinthians 13 “The Love Chapter”

An inspirational post from the Drama Queen.

Just thoughts…do with them as you please…

2 Responses to A thought about love

  1. Gelly says:

    I say it everyday to everyone close to me. I love myself and this allows me to love others freely and unconditionally. Thank you for reminding the world. Beetles “All You Need Is Love” I love you too my friend.

  2. meghankathleen says:

    I like that, “Don’t wait until I’m dead to give me flowers”

    Thanks for the inspiration, especially on a Monday! Today I posted a quote on Facebook “It’s not in your pocket that makes you thankful, it’s what’s in your heart.” How true.

    These days, it’s nice to be reminded of the power of positive thinking and kindness.

    Again, thanks for sharing. :)

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