Inauguration Luncheon in Statuary Hall

Statuary Hall viewed from south (Wide-angle)

Statuary Hall viewed from south (Wide-angle)

So I’ve received my assignment for Inauguration.  I’m working at the Luncheon that follows the swearing-in, in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall.  My role, along with about 20 other White House Social Aides, is to escort guest to their seats and distribute gifts to them.  You can see the menu here.  A map of the statues in Statuary Hall is available too.

Three lucky Social Aides will present flags to the POTUS and VPOTUS on behalf to Senator Feinstein.  They will also present a framed photo of the swearing-in (it gets printed and framed in about 30 mins) at the luncheon.  Approximately 150-200 guests will attend…the guest list is not releasable to the public.

Here’s a blog post from the LA Times that provides a snarky take on the Inauguration timeline:

“…Suffice to say, on this Jan. 20 while the big shots are munching seafood stew and duck and washing it down with apple cinnamon sponge cake, you won’t be able to buy pheasant on D.C.’s sidewalks.

While lovely music plays and stone statues statuesquely peer over diners’ shoulders, Congressional leaders will suck up to the president for possibly the last time by giving him some gifts. Don’t tell him, but they include an already-framed photo of his swearing-in, the Capitol flag that was flying at that moment and a one-of-a kind engraved crystal bowl to fill with popcorn in the White House theater…”

Hope you watch on C-SPAN.


9 Responses to Inauguration Luncheon in Statuary Hall

  1. Jenny says:

    Awesome assignment Myles! I hope you are one of the three lucky people that get to present the gifts. Have fun . . . you definitely worked hard to see that moment happen. :)

  2. majorman says:

    I’m not one of the lucky ones. I was hoping I would be–even attended an extra practice. But, alas, there are Social Aides with more seniority than me. Strictly business, nothing personal. All of us military types are honored to work for the Commander in Chief.

  3. Awesome Myles. I wish I could be a fly on your uniform;-) Keep us updated on Twitter or here.

  4. AnGELa says:

    That is so exciting! You have been truly blessed this year end of your stay in DC. You are well deserving of all of the experiences you have encountered.

  5. idearazzo says:

    Wooooow. I’m so proud of you.

  6. RNB says:

    What a wonderful experience! …Just one of many stories that you’ll be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren. I look forward to reading your next White House adventure!

  7. Ruthe says:

    Wondering where I can find a list of attendees for Obama’s Congressional Luncheon. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. R

  8. Snow Mitchell says:


    My son Greg, told me of your great opprotunity. I’m sure it was an awesome experience. Congratulations.

  9. honorguardbugler says:

    Hi there sir! Thanks so much for your service and great site!

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