Secretary of the Army says Blog, baby, blog!

Back in June I told you my, non-loyal, readers that the Army embraces blogging.  In the news, the Secretary of the Army, Pete Geren, has encouraged more MilBlogging.

Soldier blogging

Soldier blogging

Secretary Geren said:

We’ve got to embrace every form of media, and this new medium – and particularly blogging, for many people – has replaced traditional media as a way to get news,” said Geren. “And not only to get news, but to educate themselves, the back and forth that blogs offer. So I see it as an addition of what we’re doing, and a mechanism to reach some people who you don’t reach at all through so-called traditional media.

His comments illustrate that Senior Leaders of the Army will begin to embrace Web 2.0. Secretary Geren’s comments were made during the 2008 MilBlog Conference held in conjunction with the Blog World Expo. (I didn’t know about either of these events…)

A video of LTG William B. Caldwell, IV addressing the MilBlog Conference–he is an advocate for blogging and directs all students at Command & General Staff College (Major’s school) to blog.  And here is an article about Secretary Geren’s historic visit to the MilBlog Conference.

I’m working on a two articles on this subject over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned…

Oh and if the Chief of Public Affairs is reading, Sir, I’d like to work on the Army or DoD New Media team. *fingers crossed*


4 Responses to Secretary of the Army says Blog, baby, blog!

  1. Najmah says:

    good luck landing that gig MBC III

  2. majorman says:

    VERDICT: I’m going to Iraq next spring. Oh well, I’ll keep blogging from downrange and will be more experienced when I return to DC.

  3. […] And almost a year ago Iwrote about the Secretary of the Army encouraging military blogging. […]

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