Colt Brennan future NFL star

Hey, I’m a football fan.  I think Redskins Rookie QB Colt Brennan will be a star in the NFL someday.  I added him to my blog roll earlier this weekend.  Then he had his first pre-season game and played outstanding.

Some people doubt Brennan as a “system” guy with great stats coming out of June Jones pass-happy University of Hawaii football program.  But, I know this guy can play.

My favorite team is the Titans (I predict the Titans will finish 11-5 and make it to the AFC Championship game).  Second favorite is the Redskins (I predict 10-6 and 2nd round of playoffs).  Look out for #5 to come off the bench and continue to impress in the pre-season.



2 Responses to Colt Brennan future NFL star

  1. lifeinbetween says:

    Thought he looked amazing in highlight reel. Of course, that was against 3rd stringers, so holding out on being too hopeful yet. Redskins are in 5th consecutive year of champions of the offseason.

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