Blogging while brown

While visiting the Jack & Jill Politics blog I read about the Blogging While Brown (BWB) conference that was held in Atlanta this weekend.

The following paragraph describes the origin and purpose of the BWB conference.  From BWB official website:

Whether it’s fighting injustice , debating racism in the media, serving as a new technology underground railroad of information or celebrating our best and brightest, bloggers of color are a vital and viable part of the blogosphere who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on a number of subjects. Their readers are willing to mobilize for change. Bloggers of color are at an inflection point in the continued development of the blogosphere.
To that end, the Blogging While Brown Conference was born. Blogging While Brown is the first international conference for bloggers of color. For the first time this new generation of activists, entrepreneurs and new media content creators will step out from behind their keyboards and meet in person.

Needless to say I wasn’t invited nor aware of the BWB conference, before today.  Perhaps because I’m not among the “best and brightest” of bloggers of color?  I find it interesting that the BWB conference occurred the same weekend as the UNITY ’08.  In the future it would be nice to see BWB gain more clout and work with larger groups of journalists like NABJ or NAHJ.  Though it’s possible the BWB doesn’t see itself as affiliated with the standard world of old media?

The founder of BWB has several videos from the conference posted on her blog. I recommend the one from the bloggers who run Black Web 2.0.  Interestingly enough, Web 2.0 works the same way for black people as it does for others…shhhhh…don’t tell anyone.

I did find it interesting that many of the BWB participants were heavy users of Twitter (if you’re wondering “what the heck is Twitter?” click here).  I enjoy Twitter too, though my feeds are closed to the public.

Well next year there will be another Blogging While Brown conference.  If there’s not a scheduling conflict maybe I’ll attend.  I see myself as a blogger who happens to be brown.  Part of the concept of Naked Conversations is that a person can blog anonymously and say whatever they want because “no one wrote the official blogging rule book” it seems that BWB caters to potential weblebrities like those listed here, here, or here.  The fact none of the web celebrities are brown is a good reason to continue the BWB conference.

Me, I’m just a regular guy blogging for bloggings sake.  What about you?

4 Responses to Blogging while brown

  1. shel israel says:

    Hi, thanks for the mention of Naked Conversations, where we indeed did say that there is no official rulebook for blogging. However, we did emphasize that we thought real people using real names are the best way to go. It is hard to believe an anonymous blogger is being transparent if they will not identify themselves and let readers understand their perspective on an issue.

  2. Villager says:

    The Blogging While Brown conferece was advertised in cyberspace. No invitations were sent out … so I’m not sure why you feel as if you were slighted. Anyhow, I had pleasure to attend. I blog about it quite abit on the Electronic Village.

    Anyhow, this is my first time visiting your blog. I hope to come back more often in the future…

    peace, Villager

  3. If I have to hear one more complaint about BWB being on the same weekend as the UNITY conference… We did not know when we signed the contracts that the UNITY conference was going to be on the same weekend. Heck Before people started complaining about the conflict. You can go back in the archives of our blog and find that the date was basically selected by group consensus. My question is this, why didn’t anybody from UNITY speak up at the time ans say “Hey, our conference is that weekend!”

    Did the UNITY attendees demand that the national Black Arts festival be canceled because it was this weekend too? Did UNITY attendees whine about Black doctors gathering in Atlanta because they were right next door to us and several stopped by and STAYED ALL DAY LONG. So what is with all the HATERAID you UNITY attendees are throwing at Blogging While Brown? Can you tell me when the National Bar Association meets? Or what about BLack Nurses? Black Teachers? Does UNITY have a monopoly on the conference attendance of every Black professional on the planet? Must the earth stand still if UNITY is going on?

    UNITY had almost 7,000 people in attendance. I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone who went to UNITY would care what we little bloggers were doing this weekend?

    There were no invitation ISSUED for Blogging While Brown. As much press as was done as many posts and event listing, there was always a possibility that someone would not know about it. We did the best we could with what we had.

    We will be sure to avoid the UNITY conference week in the future. Not because I think Bloggers are journalists, but because NABJ members have to be the whiniest, hateraid swilling, group of people on the planet. You had 7,000 people at your conference. Why would you begrudge a gathering of people of which only a fraction would have attended your conference as well.

    Bloggers are supposed to be the “amateurs” according to the reports I got out of your conference, so why are so many UNITY attendees worried about we little old bloggers??? There isn’t anything UNIFIED about you and your members continuing your hateration on Black bloggers. Get over it already because I can assure you we didn’t spend much time at all thinking about UNITY.

    The people in Atlanta were meant to be in Atlanta. The people in Chicago were meant to be in Chicago. Get over it already.

    Gina McCauley
    Founder, Blogging While Brown.

  4. majorman says:

    Gina McCauley,
    Thanks for your response. Please accept the tone of my original post as more “curious” than “haterish.”

    Certainly, I don’t speak for other UNITY participants who seem to have ruffled your feathers. I actually think Blogging While Brown is a fantastic idea and even mentioned that I’d like to attend next year in my post.

    If anything, I was under the impression that Blogging While Brown was an exclusive event for the most experienced and heavily trafficked black blogs. I’m glad it appears you are opening it up to average joe bloggers like me.

    It’d be nice to see a master blogroll directory of the brown blogosphere. Maybe that can be a goal of Blogging While Brown? Maybe the Blogging While Brown folks can run a workshop for the UNITY folks on Web 2.0?

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