Blogging in Mozambique

Quick Trivia:  What’s the name of currency in Mozambique?  Read on for answer…

Flag of Mozambique

Flag of Mozambique

Mozambique is the 35th largest country in the world and is located in Southeastern Africa.  Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique and is primarily used by bloggers there.

There are several English language blogs related to Mozambique:

  • Fresh Prince of Mozambique is a new blog maintained by an employee of the Peace Corps who is spending a few years in Mozambique.  He provides excellent descriptions of life in a village from an American perspective.

Speaking of goats, the other day I was forced to hold my pee because a goat had found iots way into our outdoor bathroom. I didnºt want to be rude to I waited for him to finish.  -Fresh Prince

  • Bloggers Alex and Kory are former Peace Corps workers who have posted several photos of their experiences in Mozambique in 2006-2007.
  • Another Peace Corps veteran, Alex, blogs about her experiences teaching in Mozambique.  One of her most engaging post is a compilation of essays written by 8th Graders about their losses in Cyclone Jokwe.
  • More interesting Peace Corps bloggers are here, here, here, and aggregated here (disregard the dates listed at link).

There are also a few blogs from Mozambicans that have been translated from Portugese to English:

a bit of everything: sociology (specially rapid-intervention sociology), philosophy, day-to-day, profundity, superficiality, irony, poetry, fragility, strength, myth, exposure of myths, emotion and reason -Carlos Serra

Final thought:  Every source I could find, cites internet usage in Africa at less than 4% of the world’s internet usage vs. 14.3% of the world’s population.  However, it is growing by over 1,000% each year.  Therefore, I expect more indigenous blogs in the future.  Oh and about that Mozambique money, it’s called the New Metical. Oh yeah, did you notice their national flag has an AK-47 on it?!


4 Responses to Blogging in Mozambique

  1. Hayyat says:

    See? What I love about your blog is I know I’m I’m going to find out about/learn something I didn’t know before. New Metical? And what’s up with the AK?

  2. Naj says:

    I thought you were actually there when I read this caption! Good informative post. BTW, I’ve been riding around with newspaper in my car for weeks. Will drop off on the porch sometime soon!

  3. kevinpblock says:

    still my first month in Maputo, but i’ve put together a blog: ill be checking in on majorman.wordpress now on.

  4. chunkee2na says:

    I have realized that our flag is perhaps one of the most badass flags ever. Thank you for this highlight on Moz (as we like telling people when we travel heehee; they usually end up asking if we are from Mars!)

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