Columbus? Where…Ohio? No. GEORGIA!!!

Hi friends, I’d like to you know about the second largest city in Georgia…no, again, not Savannah, not Augusta, not Macon, it’s Columbus.  Located off of I-185 about 90 miles southwest of Atlanta, Columbus is a relatively large city with a small town atmosphere.

It’s a great place to live, Columbus is the the 4th Best Place in the country to raise a family.

It’s also home to Ft. Benning and the U.S. Army Airborne school.

If jumping out of planes is not your idea of a good career choice, then you will be happy to know there are major U.S. Corporations headquartered in Columbus…AFLAC–you know them from the duck commercials–ranks #30 on CNNs top 100 places to work.  If you’d prefer the banking industry try Synovous Financial, a Fortune 500 company based in downtown Columbus.  Plenty of opportunity for newcomers to the city.

Three more semi-interesting facts:

  • The founder of Coca-Cola has history with Columbus

Whether you’re are making a career move -or- vacation plans–consider Columbus!

DISCLAIMER:  The author is a “Five Jump Chump” with significant family ties to Columbus


One Response to Columbus? Where…Ohio? No. GEORGIA!!!

  1. mknac says:

    As an infantry officer i’ve spent much time and have many fond memories of Fort Benning and Columbus, Ga. However luckily I’m not a “five jump chump” as I got numbers 6 & 7 in pathfinder shcool! lol

    The last time I was there was about 8 years ago for the battalion pre-command course. It had changed so much since I was there as a Cpt. for the Infantry Officers Advance Course. Now even the name of IOAC has changed too. I”m sure the last 8 years has changed the area even more.

    As a infantry officer the saying was “all roads lead to Fort Benning.” Even though I’ve retired from the Army I look forward to visiting Fort Benning and Columbus again when the opportunity presents itself.

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