Google: What’s not to like about a leviathan?

Google Veterans Day Logo

“Don’t be evil” is the cornerstone of Google’s corporate culture…and it extends beyond the company’s doors to encompass the World Wide Web…

I don’t think we should be afraid of Google. In fact, here are five things to be more afraid of day-to-day than Google:

1.) Oncoming traffic on a two-lane road. What if the teen driving towards you at 45mph decides to Google something on their smart phone and crosses over the double-yellow line. BANG!

2.) Slipping in the shower. Be careful.

3.) Bees. Have you ever Googled “Japanese Killer Hornets”??? Scary, very scary.

4.) Rats. These critters are everywhere. They are responsible for the bubonic plague and giving the heebie-jeebies to unsuspecting shoppers in the city. Scary.

5.) Brain cramp [Insert your innermost fear here]

Seriously, Google is an outstanding tool for research and communication. Google makes life easier for those who know how to effectively use it’s many features. I like the Google Maps, Earth, and Mail functions. The new street view photos have revolutionized the way people will navigate. By Christmas 2010, I imagine Garmin by Google systems that show photos of driving directions. Wouldn’t that be a nifty tool?

Anyone afraid of Google simply should limit their activity on the internet. The Googlefolks can only get information you provide–well, sorta. Bottomline: Google is here to stay and is linked to Government. In fact, we can use Google to see where our tax dollars are being spent. What’s not to like?

2 Responses to Google: What’s not to like about a leviathan?

  1. faceamaria says:

    I completely agree with you. Google is a company to embrace. They are for the advancement of the online consumer experience. Google works very hard to make things simple and accessible for us.

    I was able to visit Google’s Chicago office a few weeks back and learned that they are not just a search engine anymore. My experience was phenomenal! I am able to understand them better, and I AM NOT AFRAID!

  2. mknac says:

    Google certainly is providing consumers services that they want. Although Google has had some minor “do no evil” issues overall they’ve earned the trust of consumers.

    Until such time that Google breaches that trust (and hopefully they won’t) there is no reason not to trust Google.

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